This company accidentally formed. Let me explain to you how?

While I was working in a company as a Business Development Intern, I got a project from a known uncle. Who wanted me to create an Android Application for his company. Back then from college days, I was very keen to start my venture. Tried with many ideas, but couldn’t work out. I found out this a very good opportunity. So, I have taken a risk by saying YES. Without knowing what kind of app and how it’s going to function.

We then had a long conversation on the project and then I worked hard and we successfully launched it. I was very happy about how I got my first client and professionally took the project. Here onwards there was no seeing back. Projects kept coming through reference and I left my 9-5 job and started working full time on these projects.

This was a brief Intro about me (Amit Mundada). To know more and to see how I have built this venture by Self Learning. Please do listen to my podcast (From The Scratch).


Very friendly & co-operative, listens to each grievance gives his 99% to resolve. Its quite good experience we had.
Prashant Daga
Saree Manufacturer
Like I got a new family member for my company. It’s amazing every one liked your service.
Bharath Singh
Best part is, he educate & give awareness parallelly. Worth doing project with him.
Jayesh Sharma
Have 1-1 Video Consultant